About The Intelli-Gents

The Podcast

The Intelli-Gents is a biweekly educational podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Each episode, Mike and Riley discuss a different topic, ranging from pets to beer to Christmas. Interviews with experts are broken up with recurring segments like The Gents Get Testy and The Gents Allay Your Fears.

So whether you’re sitting down, standing up, or levitating, pop in some headphones and let The Intelli-Gents teach you something. We promise this won’t be on a test.

Listen here or find them on iTunes here.

The Videos

On alternating weeks, the Gents post videos to YouTube. Sometimes they’re educational, sometimes they’re satirical, and sometimes they’re just for fun.

About Mike

About Mike

As written by Riley

Mike is the eldest of the Intelli-Gents, and like Father Time himself, Mike has a vast head of knowledge and can’t remember what sleep is like. If he doesn’t have a coffee in his hand, it’s because he finished one five minutes ago. He’ll have one in another 15.

Remember that obscure article you read last month? Mike read that article, and several others like it, after he heard about it on a podcast. After university, he lived and worked in Japan for three years. Don’t worry about forgetting that, he’ll tell you again. Three or four times.

Mike is a political studies grad of the University of Manitoba and the editor-in-chief of Red River College’s newspaper, The Projector. When he’s not making friends and staying up late to work, he’s probably watching hockey.


About Riley

About Riley

As written by Mike

Riley is the younger of the two Intelli-Gents. When not reading comic books or playing a board game he supported on Kickstarter, he’s probably arguing a pedantic grammar point with someone who doesn’t actually care.

Riley is most interested in technology, popular culture, and what skinny necktie would best match his newest martini shaker. He’s always up-to-date on the newest smartphone apps, Internet comics, and who’s going to star in the next Marvel movie.

Riley is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg and does freelance public relations work in Winnipeg, Canada.

He’s also an unapologetic ginger.


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